Chandler J. Birch is a reviewer, devotional writer, journalist, co-author, and lover of words.

He's been published in a variety of formats and markets, from Christian Book Previews (reviewer) to the Aboite Independent (reviewer and devotional writer) to Church Libraries (reviewer) to Livingstone Publishing (co-author of Every Day with Jesus and freelancer for "Living the Gospel Life"). He's heavily entrenched in his college, Taylor University, having written for their newspaper, their radio program, and their literary journal. Further, he wrote a guide to Taylor on CollegeProwler (they paid him in peanuts and goodwill). He was a guest on "Just Ask Joyce," a copy of which you can download by clicking here, and was a scholarship recipient to attend the Writing for the Soul Conference. In March, he presented a piece to the Making Literature Conference and he was a guest on The Verbal Edge in April.

He's friendly, often entertaining, and hasn't missed a deadline yet.

You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and at The Callow Critic.

For examples of his short fiction, read "Blood on the Velvet."

For his long-form work, try Journeyman.

He's written other things, too—a little airy poesy, something like realistic fiction. He's done some reviews (also this one), a series of thoughts on writing, even a fairy tale and a little humor (though that's such a fluid word).

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