Sunday, March 21, 2010

Greetings and Felicitations


I've decided to write a blog--but I suspect you've figured that already, you erudite little scholar, you. A large part of the reason for this sucker's existence is, well, I'm going to college, and people (my mom) will want to know what's happening in life. Also, I quite like writing, so this will be a convenient pastime while I'm wasting my life, you know, being a college student.

I must warn you; this is my first time controlling a blog that is entirely my own. I've had some experience with writing a day-to-day log, but that was only a two-week thing and anyway, I was writing about people who are much more interesting than I am doing things much more exciting than what I do. So this idea of a blog devoted wholly to my own thoughts is a new thing to me: we're going to have to learn all of this together--you learning how to read me, me learning how to write to you.

Call it a symbiotic evolution.