Monday, October 18, 2010

Gray and Scarlet Fall

Pretentious title much? Yes. Yes it is.

I feel that an update is long overdue; the last time that I wrote anything about what's happening out here (which was the original purpose of this blog) was almost a month ago. So then! Here we go.

Autumn has arrived in characteristically underplayed fashion. Today is what I call the "Gray Day," when summer is officially finished. Though the leaves have been sunset and scarlet for a while now, it hasn't felt like fall; the weather's been too hot, the sun too bright, and even on rainy days the sun eventually shows up. With this Gray Day, autumn has finally declared victory over summer. Winter won't be long in coming, I suspect.

School goes well. I won't talk about exams or homework here (it's bad enough having to go through those once without reliving them over and over), but I can say this much without feeling as though I'm putting my scholastic standing in front of the whole Internet: "Mom, my grades in college are essentially identical to those that I had in high school. Praise God I'm not taking math."

This weekend was Fall Break, so Gerig life was remarkably laid back because at least 70% of our residents were somewhere else during our three-day weekend. I wouldn't dare complain; those of us left behind spent most of it playing Super Smash Bros. on the big screen TV downstairs (awesome). However, the significant downside to Fall Break (aside from Gerig suddenly becoming quiet and unexciting) was the fact that the Dining Commons realized that it would save money and energy if they shortened the normal hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 30-minute windows during which you must eat or else you shall go hungry! We starving college students were less than pleased.

All that aside, I've been missing home. I gotta admit it. It isn't crippling yet, but it's certainly no fun. I want to speak eloquently about it, but I've tried several times already and it hasn't worked yet. What else is there to say? It's not complicated.

Miss ya, Colorado.

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