Thursday, May 5, 2011

Now Listen Here.

It has come to my attention through means unidentifiable [that is to say, a comp-sci student] that in order to become awesome and rule the world through the deep insights and life-changing thoughts I put on my blog, I need to update more regularly (or at least update more than once in five months, as was my former custom) so that Google will acknowledge my existence.

So, then, let this blog post stand in testament:

To you, dear reader, I pledge the following: That I, Chandler, shall undertake to update this blog at least once a week, so that in future you may partake of the joy of my insights and my Awesome Quotient in small doses on regular occasion. In return, let any future donations to the Chandler Needs Money for Food and College Fund be accepted immediately and without question. (We are still waiting on the first donation to the CNMFCF. Be the first of your friends to like us on Facebook!) (The CNMFCF does not exist on Facebook.)

As of right now, update day will be Thursday or, possibly, Friday. Right now, my plan for updates extends about three to five weeks into the future, ranging from thoughts on writing to thoughts on life to actual pieces of fiction which will be, with any luck, at least slightly entertaining. Hopefully, ideas will present themselves as I go along. If not, well, you're just going to have to put up with me whining about something or other. [Heh.]

Anyway, that's all. Consider this your primer; tomorrow is Update Day Number 1.

Over and out.

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