Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And the Claws of the Beast Stretched Out...

And that poor, stupid, almost-college student was ripped to shreds.

Under nine days [8 days, 5 hours, 57 minutes and 30 seconds as of this writing] are left to me before I leave for Indiana. It's really looking more terrifying at this point. Two of my friends have had their going-away parties. This Sunday I'll attend my last church service in Colorado for three months (at least). Everyone else that's leaving the state is leaving, this very week; I'll be the very last one to go.

Whew. It's really happening, folks. I'm really going to college, and I'm really gonna be in Indiana.

All fretting about the future aside, today was something of a laid-back day. Waking up near noon is probably not the best habit to have developed; for starters, it's really doing crap-all with my eating habits and I've completely stopped being productive. Most of my projects are dead in the water, apart from some books I'm reading. Essentially, my life has degenerated to sleep and work, and sometimes eat.

Afterward came a doctor's appointment, then groundies at the Hunter's Glen park. Later in the day was Kristen's going-away party, which was my last chance to see Rachel and Kristen before their inevitable escape to Kansas. Gosh, I'ma miss those kids, not to mention everyone else that I'm leaving behind. will definitely be my new best friend in college.

That seems to be it for updates. I've been thinking about doing some things that were strictly NOT updates--i.e., short stories, essays, perhaps some reviews--but I haven't had time to do it.

Okay, that was a lie. Fact is I'm really, really bad at self-motivation. Don't judge me because I'm bla--um. Don't judge.

I promise, I'll put something up here. Odds are that I'll start with some old, crappy stuff, but rest assured: it'll get here. Once I get in stride, expect a flood; I've been kicking around the idea of a series of morality essays, which promise to be both profoundly thought-provoking and deeply, bone-achingly boring, so I trust you all will just be breathless with anticipation when it finally comes out.

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