Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Friends

Firstly, Happy Birthday, America! Have more!

In other news, Journeyman's finally wrapped. (If you've been away from the Interwebs for a while and are therefore not quite sure what I mean when I say "Journeyman," check this link.)

For those who read it and liked it: WAHOO! I've succeeded in making something worth reading. 

For those who read it and hated it: well, I'll do better next time.

For those who read it and loved it so hard it made your guts hurt: fantastic! I am thrilled to have made your Fridays (or, more often, your Saturdays in the very early morning) more interesting. 

But, if you really have found this to be a worthwhile use of your endless summer free time, then I need a favor. Basically, what I need you to do is


(Links to do so are at the bottom of each piece. Or, alternatively, copy-paste the URL of your favorite one onto Facebook.)

However, in the meantime, we seem to have exhausted The Plan, which said we'd take a whole month and devote it to a single, cohesive short fiction.

Alas! The month is gone, and the story's over, and though I do have some ideas for the next few weeks, I find the future to be a suddenly murky and uncontrollable thing (because it definitely wasn't already).

Thus we find ourselves in need of A New Plan. What shall we do, faithful minions readers? 

Shall we sally forth into the infinite unknown of Yet More Fiction? And, if so, should we wax comedic or platitudinize seriously and theologically?

Or should we pull the throttle back and get to some Simple But Amusing Observations on Life?

Frankly, dear readers, I think you should decide. After all, this blarg is not a dictatorship! It is a Republic! A Union of Internet Socialist Republics with all that entails!

As such, I'd really appreciate it if we could get some votes on this. Comment below (or on Facebook) with your opinion! (There are, after all, 28 of you. I'm expecting at least two or three votes here.) I'll be sure to consider your thoughts (before disregarding all counsel and doing whatever I want. Heh heh heh). 

Happy Fourth!


  1. I vote for simple but amusing observations, they are quick and easy to read in the summer and are also thought provoking and fuel good conversation :)

  2. Simple but amusing observations, please.