Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Late, Tired, Sore, and Whiny

As I write this sentence, it is 1:33 a.m. I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm very, very, very tired.

First of all, this post is an apology. I missed my deadline last week, leaving all you folks without my gloriously wondrous [cough cough] thoughts for the day. I'm sure there was much weeping and sobbing and mourning and gnashing of teeth.

Yup. Riiiiight.

Since "apology" means "to give an explanation for," not just "beg for forgiveness," I am honor-bound to mention that the reason for my delay was the simple and unavoidable dilemma that Macsine, my dearly beloved laptop, was out of commission for the weekend. As it turns out, for all the wonderful things Apple does with software, it makes up for with thoroughly lackluster power converters. A buck's worth of wiring frayed and it knocked out my poor computer for four days while I waited for the $85 replacement.

85 DOLLARS! DOLLARS, guys! DOLLARS! For a frayed wire!


Regardless, God is good and gives gifts we do not deserve: namely, a magnificent Sunday spent with my lovely lady and my family and some of my best friends. It does not get better, folks.

Anyway, this post is to make up for my entirely underwhelming lack of posting on Friday.


It is also an announcement.

Despite the fact that my desperate attempt at getting people to comment here only yielded two actual votes--half of that from my mother--I have received feedback from other sources that seemed generally favorable toward more stories. And, frankly, I prefer writing those to vomiting out desperate attempts at comedic profundity. More work, yes, but far more fun.

Sooo, I'm going to try it again. Come Friday (or, at least, Saturday by midnight), this blarg will be in full possession of a brand-spanking-new fiction piece--hopefully one that will stay alive for more than a month and generate a little bit more interest than the last one did.

Alright. It's now a quarter to 2 a.m. There's a real chance I'm already asleep and just don't know it yet.

Over and out.

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