Saturday, July 9, 2011

Okay, I Give

It's official, folks: I fail.

Though I have promised to write something (occasionally, even something good!) once every week, this week, I cannot deliver. I want to say it is because other things are happening, but--

(Oh wait! Yes, something did happen, and if we're friends on Bookface then you already know what it is!)

Regardless of any, ah, extenuating circumstances, I have failed to deliver on my promise to you all, and for that I shall punish myself most violently.

(Really. There's a flail and an iron maiden and self-starvation involved.)

(No, there isn't. I can't lie to you!)

Anyway, this post is my vain attempt at an apology, and an assurance that--next week--there shall most assuredly be something of great and noble value on this here blarg! Be it story, or clever insight, or a simple update, it will. be. here.

Speaking of, are you thirsting for a specific sort of writing? Check out this post and VOTE! As of yet, the only one who's said anything is my mother.

Come on, guys.

I know your days are crazy packed, what with all those important assignments that you have, and all those work videos you just gotta watch, but take a few extra seconds and tell me what you'd like to read.

Your voice matters[a little]!

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